Pine pellets DIN+ 8mm

The raw material for the manufacture of DINplus pellets is only roundwood timber. Сuttings and waste of sawmills are not used, thereby excluding the presence of impurities and mechanical inclusions in the finished product. You get a wood pellet that corresponds to European quality, with a real ash content up to 0.5% and a maximum calorific value that can be “squeezed out” of pine. After combustion, such pellets remain only ash, without layering, vitreous mass, etc., which contributes to the smooth operation and reduction the number of cleanings of your boiler.

Price per tonne : from 4000 uah
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Quality standard
Raw materials
100% pine
8 мм
up to 0.5%
up to 7%
Heat of combustion
4,95 kWh/kg